Spain University Launches Free Course to Learn How to Use Office 365


Office 365 is a set of online applications and services that revolutionize the way we work, communicate, and collaborate.

From students to professionals, the ability to navigate and master this platform has become essential today.

For those looking to acquire skills in Office 365, the Universitat Politècnica de València presents a Free Introduction to Office 365 Course.

Office 365 and Its Benefits

Recognized for its versatility and utility, Office 365 allows users to work efficiently and securely from any device with cloud access. Some of its notable advantages include:

  • Automatic updates
  • Cloud storage
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Productivity tools
  • Advanced security

Free Introduction to Office 365 Course

Developed by the prestigious Universitat Politècnica de València, this free course provides a unique opportunity to explore and deeply understand the applications and capabilities of Office 365.

Through a clear and structured approach, the course covers a variety of crucial topics:


  • Key Microsoft Tools: Mastery of the most essential Microsoft applications, laying the foundation for productivity.
  • Cloud Operation: Detailed exploration of the operation of Office 365’s cloud applications.
  • Version Comparison: Understanding the fundamental differences between online and desktop versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Effective Use of OneDrive: Learning the proper utilization of OneDrive for cloud storage and sharing of information.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Developing skills for effective collaboration with teams through Teams and task planning with Planner.
  • Advanced Exploration: Immersion in creating and editing websites with SharePoint.

The estimated duration of this course is 7 weeks, with a dedication of 2 to 3 hours per week.

The flexible structure allows participants to progress at their own pace, without imposing deadlines. Additionally, the course offers two enrollment options:

  • Free without Certification: Access to all course content at no cost, ideal for those seeking to acquire knowledge.
  • With Certification: Possibility of obtaining a completion certificate for a small fee, ideal for demonstrating acquired skills.

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Whether you’re a student looking to enhance your skills or a professional aspiring to maximize online collaboration, this course will prepare you to succeed in the current digital environment.

Enroll today and discover how Office 365 can transform your approach to productivity and collaboration. For more information and registration, visit this link.

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