The Linux Foundation Launches 3 FREE Courses to Learn from Open Source to Development

The Linux Foundation, a leading non-profit organization in the promotion of the Linux operating system and open-source software philosophy, has launched a series of online courses aimed at programmers looking to embark on their journey in open-source software development.

These courses represent a valuable opportunity to acquire essential skills and knowledge in the Linux domain, as well as collaborative development tools and methodologies.

The Linux Foundation also offers the option to obtain professional certifications, widely recognized in the industry, adding a significant advantage in the competitive job market.

If you’d like to learn more about the available courses, we provide the details below:

Course 1: Linux Fundamentals for Developers (LFD107x)

This meticulously designed first course is specifically tailored for programmers with experience in other operating systems who wish to venture into the world of Linux.

Over the course of 14 weeks of online instruction, participants will immerse themselves in key concepts of the Linux operating system, from initial installation to advanced file handling and user account management.

Furthermore, the fundamentals of the shell and its pivotal role in software development will be explored.

Course 2: Linux Tools for Software Development (LFD108x)

Continuing with the course series, the second module focuses on essential tools required for efficient development in GNU/Linux environments.


Throughout 14 weeks, participants will dive into the realm of command-line and shell scripting, crucial skills for automating complex tasks and optimizing workflow.

Course 3: Git for Distributed Software Development (LFD109x)

The third and final course in the series is dedicated to an essential tool in collaborative development: Git.

Over the span of 14 weeks of instruction, participants will gain a comprehensive command over Git, the version control system that has revolutionized collaboration in software projects.

From cloning and branching to commits and merges, participants will master the essential practices for version and change management in distributed projects.

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The Linux Foundation has taken a significant step forward in its mission to promote open-source software development by introducing this series of online courses.

For those eager to embark on this exciting learning journey, the courses are already available on the edX platform. The future of open-source software awaits you!

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