The Linux Foundation Launches a Free Introduction to Operating System Course


The Linux Foundation, as a non-profit organization, has established itself as a leading actor in the development, promotion, and education surrounding the Linux operating system.

Linux, with its open-source nature, stands as a valuable alternative to commercial operating systems like Windows or Mac OS.

The organization has pioneered the creation of educational opportunities and diverse resources to foster innovation and global adoption of Linux.

Introduction to Linux Course

The free course, titled Introduction to Linux, is an essential educational resource for those who wish to embark on a learning journey about the Linux operating system.

The course covers a wide spectrum of topics related to Linux, allowing participants to gain solid and practical knowledge. From navigating the graphical interface to mastering the command line, students will immerse themselves in the essential features of the operating system.

The relevance of Linux knowledge is increasingly evident in the current technological landscape. The Linux operating system powers 97% of supercomputers worldwide, as well as the majority of servers driving the internet and crucial financial operations.

Furthermore, Linux is the foundation of over two billion Android devices, demonstrating its ubiquitous presence across various platforms and devices.


How to Access the Course for Free?

Access to the course is free and provides students with access to instructional videos, reading materials, and practical assignments.

Students can choose the audit mode, which gives them the flexibility to study at their own pace and level of commitment.

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While no certificates are issued in this mode, the understanding gained through the course can pave the way for exciting opportunities in the technological field.

If you’re ready to seize this exceptional educational opportunity, the Linux Foundation invites you to join over a million already enrolled students in the course and start your journey towards mastery in Linux.

You can access the course at this link.

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