Google launches a Go programming training to become an expert in the cloud!


In an innovative initiative, Google has launched a cloud training program for those interested in mastering the Go programming language.

This language, known for its speed and efficiency, promises to revolutionize the world of programming.

In this program, participants can dive into the fascinating world of Go and learn to create and deploy applications on Google Cloud.

From web applications to distributed systems and games, Go offers endless possibilities.

What makes Go so special?

In addition to its simple and elegant syntax, Go stands out for its ability to fly through projects, regardless of their complexity.

With it, your applications will be faster than ever, surpassing other programming languages in speed and efficiency.

Go Training on Google Cloud

With this training, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in programming, as Go adapts to all levels. You could even surprise your grandma by teaching her how to program!

What can you expect from this exciting training?

In just 4 hours, you will be able to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Go, reviewing its code, creating and deploying simple applications on Google Cloud. Additionally, you will learn how Go enables you to build fast, reliable, and efficient software at a large scale.


It’s like having a multi-tool at your disposal.

Are you concerned about compatibility with Google Cloud? Don’t worry, Go is 100% compatible with Google Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Run, and Cloud Functions.

But that’s not all. The training also offers practical labs where you can work with data sources in Google Cloud, deploy applications on serverless platforms like App Engine, Cloud Run, and Cloud Functions, and even create a small application on App Engine that displays a short message.

And don’t forget to test your knowledge with the final quiz! You’ll be able to demonstrate everything you’ve learned and receive recognition for your efforts.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to become a true programming superhero.

It’s time to unleash your full potential and take your skills to the next level in the cloud! Access the Google training using this link.

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  1. Go is very interesting. I used it in terratest to validate the GCP modules for 2 weeks. It is really cool. Want to learn in and out of Go.

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