Want to learn French, but don’t have money? UNAM offers FREE online classes

Beyond its historical roots and its status as an official language of international diplomacy, French is a gateway to countless opportunities.

The language is a valuable asset in the professional realm, where language skills have become a currency in today’s job market competition.

Moreover, its presence on all continents and its recognition as the second most taught language make it a strategic resource for establishing authentic connections while traveling.

UNAM French Course

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has launched a free online course to learn French.

This program is hosted on the Virtual Language Environment (AVI) platform, which allows students to access content from anywhere and at any time, accommodating their individual schedules.

The course’s structure has been carefully designed to ensure effective and gradual learning. Divided into four units, with a total duration of four weeks, the course aims to develop the ability to understand texts in French.

From level A1 to level B2, students have the flexibility to progress at their own pace and go back if needed.


The platform not only offers a French course but also provides opportunities to learn English and Spanish, with the vision of adding Italian soon.

For those facing difficulties in the learning process, the platform offers Learning Support Units (UAPA), ensuring that no student is left behind on their path to fluency.

Enrolling in UNAM’s French course is simple and accessible. Interested individuals can visit the platform, select the French section, and follow the indicated steps to register. If you wish to do so directly, you can follow this link.

Once inside, a door opens to an educational journey that promises not only language proficiency but also an opening to cultures, opportunities, and global experiences.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative educational experience.

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