UNAM Offers Free Excel Course with Academic Value

Excel is an essential tool in the professional world. It is used in a wide range of sectors and areas, from administration to accounting, finance, marketing, sales, and human resources.

Mastering Excel means understanding and harnessing its functions, formulas, charts, pivot tables, and other tools that facilitate the handling and processing of large amounts of information.

This translates to increased productivity, competitiveness, and quality in the workplace.

UNAM Offers a Free Excel Course with Academic Value

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The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers a free Excel course with academic value.

The course is designed for participants to learn the basic concepts and functions of Excel, such as spreadsheets, charts, organization, planning, autofill, basic formulas, and functions.

The course has a duration of 30 hours and is available at any time. To enroll, interested individuals must register on the Aprendo+ UNAM platform.


This course is a unique opportunity to learn an indispensable tool in the professional world.

With this course, you can enhance your productivity and competitiveness at work, increasing your chances of finding employment or improving your position in the job market.

How to Enroll in the Course?

To enroll in the course, interested individuals should follow these steps:

  1. Access the Aprendo+ UNAM platform.
  2. Register with an email and password.
  3. Search for the course “Basic Tools of Microsoft Office: Excel.”
  4. Click on “Enroll.”

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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