UNAM opens its Excel course: It’s free and here’s how to get it


Microsoft Excel is a software application developed by Microsoft that has proven to be an essential tool in various fields.

Its versatility and usefulness in data management and organization, analysis and visualization of information, as well as automation of repetitive tasks, make it a powerful tool for improving productivity.

Furthermore, having knowledge of Excel has become a highly valued skill in the workplace, expanding employment opportunities and career potential.

That is why learning Excel is essential both in students’ academic and professional lives.

UNAM’s Excel Course

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), through the Coordination of Open University and Distance Education (CUAED), has launched a free online course to learn Excel.

This initiative, titled “Basic Microsoft Office Excel Tools,” is available on UNAM’s Aprendo+ platform and offers a certification upon course completion.

UNAM’s Excel course covers the fundamental elements of the program, providing students with the opportunity to learn how to use spreadsheets, functions, pivot tables, charts, and more.

It is available throughout the year 2023, allowing students to enroll at any time that is convenient for them and progress at their own pace.


With a total duration of 30 hours, the course offers a clear and accessible structure for participants to make the most of their learning experience.

To enroll in this free Excel course from UNAM, interested individuals should access the program’s official platform and search for the keyword “excel.” You will need to select the course “Basic Microsoft Office 2010 Tools. Excel.”

Through a simple registration process, participants can obtain a username and password that will grant immediate access to the course materials.

UNAM’s virtual Excel course offers an exceptional opportunity to acquire these skills for free and with certification.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your academic and professional development. Enroll today and discover all that Excel can do for you!

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