This course will help you improve your English pronunciation: It’s FREE


English pronunciation is a fundamental aspect when it comes to communicating in this language.

Beyond mastering vocabulary and grammar, the way we pronounce words plays an essential role in mutual understanding, confidence in communication, and ultimately the impression we make.

Furthermore, we cannot underestimate its value in the competitive job market, where employers value those who can express themselves fluently and clearly in English.

That’s why practice and improvement of pronunciation are crucial for those seeking to master the language.

Free Course to Perfect Your English Pronunciation

If you are learning English and feel that your pronunciation needs improvement, you are not alone. Pronunciation is a common challenge, especially for those learning English as a second or third language.

However, there is a solution at your fingertips: a free online course designed to help you perfect your English pronunciation.

This course, titled “Communication and Pronunciation in English,” is offered by the Anahuac University and aims to provide Spanish speakers with a practical introduction to basic English phonology.

Through this course, you can improve your pronunciation, boost your confidence, and perfect your communication skills in English.


What Will You Learn in the Course?

Anahuac University has outlined the key aspects that participants can expect to master upon completing the course:

  • Basic phonetics concepts.
  • The diversity of sounds present in English.
  • The ability to pronounce English sounds.
  • Interpretation of common phonetic symbols.
  • Understanding how phonological stress influences English pronunciation and rhythm.
  • How word sounds change when used in regular sentences.
  • How phonological stress gives meaning to compound words and phrases.
  • How to use phonological stress to modify the meaning of a sentence.
  • The importance of intonation in communication and how it applies to English.
  • How to produce and reproduce the rhythm of spoken English, distinguishing it from Spanish.

This course is entirely free and is offered online. It has an average duration of four weeks, with a recommended study time of four to six hours per week.

The advantage of the online format is that it allows you to progress at your own pace and adapt to your schedule and availability. A basic level of English is required to access this course.

How to enroll in the Course

To enroll in the course, follow these simple steps:

  • Access the course through this link.
  • Select the “Enroll” option.
  • Upon accessing the course, enroll using the “audit course” option.

Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your skills in one of the world’s most important and global languages. Enroll and start perfecting your English pronunciation today!

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