Stack Overflow presents the ultimate keyboard for programmers: For copying and pasting code

Have you ever wondered how many times you’ve had to search for information while programming? Probably too many times, but now Stack Overflow has the perfect solution.

Stack Overflow is known as a great place to find answers to your programming questions, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to search through thousands of answers to find the exact information you need.

That’s why designer Cassidy Williams, along with Stack Overflow and manufacturer Drop, have created a unique keyboard that simplifies the process of “copying and pasting” code from Stack Overflow into your own work.

At first glance, The Key, as this innovative keyboard is called, seems to have only three buttons: Ctrl, C, and V. But who needs more when these three buttons are enough to perform the most important task of a programmer?

The idea behind this keyboard is that you can copy code from the thousands of contributors on Stack Overflow and paste it directly into your work without having to switch between windows or manually type each line.

But here’s the surprise: The Key goes far beyond its basic copy and paste functions. This keyboard is built on the open-source QMK keyboard firmware, which means it’s fully customizable and programmable.

You can reprogram each of the buttons to perform specific actions according to your needs.

The Key’s customization capability makes it a powerful tool for programmers. You can assign different functions to the buttons, such as opening programs, executing commands, activating keyboard shortcuts, and much more.


The versatility of this keyboard makes it an essential accessory for those looking to increase their productivity and streamline their workflow.

It’s important to note that fully reprogramming The Key may require some technical knowledge and is not the simplest process for beginners. However, with a little time and effort, you can make the most of this keyboard’s capabilities and customize it to fit your specific needs.

The Key is available at an affordable price of $29 USD, which is a steal considering the functionalities and customization it offers. You can purchase it through the Drop website, the manufacturer behind this innovative keyboard.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to try out this small but powerful accessory that has revolutionized the way programmers interact with source code.

You can go to the keyboard’s purchase page using this link, although we warn you that it’s currently out of stock but will be available again soon.

Sources: Stack Overflow

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