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In the digital era we live in, programming has become an essential skill.

The ability to create precise instructions for a computer to solve problems and perform specific tasks is not only valuable in the field of technology, but also in a wide range of industries.

Learning to program not only develops 21st-century skills such as logical thinking and problem-solving, but also fosters creativity, expression, and informed decision-making in the use of technology.

Furthermore, it offers professional and job opportunities that are constantly growing.

Learn to program for free and virtually.

If you’re interested in learning to program or improving your existing skills, the Codo a Codo 4.0 program in Buenos Aires City is an excellent opportunity.

This programming education program is designed for young and adult individuals with a high school diploma and offers a variety of free and virtual courses.

The courses available in the Codo a Codo 4.0 program include:

  • Full Stack with Python: Ideal for those who already have programming experience and want to learn a new language that is growing.
  • Full Stack with Java: Aimed at those who already have knowledge in Java, one of the most in-demand languages in the job market.
  • Full Stack with PHP: Perfect for those who want to delve into web development using the PHP language.
  • Full Stack Web Development: Recommended for those who already have experience in website development and want to learn the technical aspects behind the scenes.
  • Data Science: Focuses on data analysis and Big Data using Python and Google Data Studio.
  • Automated Testing and Q/A: Geared towards those interested in software quality control and evaluating computer projects.
  • UX/UI Design: Ideal for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of web-oriented design and user-centered experience.

The courses are 100% virtual, with two classes per week, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes. Additionally, a virtual classroom is provided where you can access exercises and additional theoretical content.


Upon completing each course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Registration for the Codo a Codo 4.0 program is open until July 9th, and classes will begin on the 31st of that month.

To enroll in any of the mentioned courses, you can access the following link.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire 21st-century skills, open professional doors, and develop your creativity through programming.

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Enroll in the Codo a Codo 4.0 program and start your journey towards mastering technology!

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