New to English? Learn to Master Level A1 with this Free Course


English level A1 is the first step on the path to mastering this universal language.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), this level implies the ability to understand and use everyday expressions and simple phrases, as well as to introduce oneself and others, request and provide basic personal information, and communicate simply as long as the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly.

For those who wish to learn this level from scratch or reinforce their knowledge, the platform “Eingleses” has announced a free basic English A course.

The basic English A1 course offered by “Eingleses” is the perfect opportunity to delve into the world of English from its most solid foundations.

Designed for those with no prior experience in the language, this course is perfect for those who wish to learn from scratch and take their first steps on the path to linguistic mastery.

This course is suitable for a wide audience, as no previous knowledge of the language is required to participate.

It is helpful for those who need to master a basic level of English for work, studies, or daily life.


If you have plans to travel to an English-speaking country, this course will also provide you with the necessary tools to navigate more comfortably abroad.

The basic English A1 course is divided into 16 units, each one focused on a key aspect of language learning. Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • Nouns (Noun)
  • Articles (Article)
  • Adjectives (Adjective)
  • Adverbs (Adverb)
  • Pronouns (Pronoun)
  • Question Words (Interrogative Pronouns)
  • Quantifiers (Quantifiers)
  • Numerals (Numerals)
  • Prepositions (Prepositions)
  • Sentence Construction (Word Order)
  • Auxiliary Verbs: be – do – have
  • Modal Verbs (Modals)
  • Simple Verbs (Verbs)
  • Verb Tenses and Passive Voice
  • Short Answers of Politeness (Short Answers)
  • Question Tags

No matter if you’ve never had any contact with English before; this course is designed to guide and support you every step of the way.

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