Learn to repair laptops with this free (certified) course


Whether for personal or professional reasons, the ability to identify, troubleshoot, and prevent issues in laptops has become an essential asset.

Learning how to repair laptops not only fosters self-sufficiency in maintaining computing devices but also opens doors to job and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Those who acquire these technical skills can prevent significant problems, enhance their competitiveness in the market, and work more efficiently in the field of technology.

Carlos Slim Foundation: Facilitating Laptop Repair Training

For those seeking to gain expertise in this discipline, the Carlos Slim Foundation provides a solution.

Through its Capacítate para el Empleo platform, they have developed the Laptop Repair Technician course, allowing individuals to acquire solid technical knowledge for free and at their own pace.

This is an opportunity for those looking to gain experience in this field at no cost. The topics covered in the course are extensive, ranging from basic electronics concepts to specific component repairs and the use of essential technical tools.


Some of the topics in the course include:

  1. Laptop types and structure.
  2. Basic electronics concepts.
  3. Microprocessors.
  4. Using a multimeter, oscilloscope, and soldering station.
  5. Reading an electronic diagram.
  6. Laptop repair process.
  7. Assessment and diagnosis.
  8. Improving laptop performance.
  9. Disk space optimization.
  10. Antivirus usage.
  11. Operating system restoration and installation.
  12. Driver update and installation.
  13. Laptop display types and RAM memories.
  14. Internal connections verification.
  15. Laptop disassembly.
  16. Fan and video chip failure repair.
  17. Motherboard component desoldering.
  18. Service quality and remote support.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that attests to your knowledge, providing you with the opportunity to seek employment in the laptop repair field or start your own business.

Furthermore, the Carlos Slim Foundation offers a wide range of over 200 courses in various fields, allowing you to continue your professional development in different areas.

For more information about this course, I recommend following this link.

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