Learn Git and GitHub Effortlessly! With this Free Course for Beginners


Git and GitHub are two fundamental tools that have revolutionized the way programmers manage and collaborate on projects.

Git is a version control system that allows efficient and secure management of code changes, while GitHub is an online platform that facilitates storage, collaboration, and deployment of Git-based projects.

Learning how to use Git and GitHub offers numerous benefits for programmers, such as improving code quality, increasing productivity, and fostering teamwork.

Free Git and GitHub Course

The website, programacionfacil.org, has launched a free Git and GitHub course designed to provide students with the necessary skills to start working with these powerful development tools.

The course offers intensive training that focuses not on irrelevant details but on providing participants with a solid foundation to handle version control and work with projects on GitHub.

What will you learn in the course?

The course program is structured into 15 chapters, carefully designed to facilitate progressive learning of Git and GitHub.

First 10 chapters focus on Git and cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics such as using branches, managing commits, and handling files and folders.

The remaining 5 chapters are dedicated to GitHub, where students will learn how to create and upload repositories, collaborate in a team environment, and make the most of the platform.


The course is designed for those with intermediate user knowledge, including the ability to install programs and perform basic file and folder management tasks.

While prior experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may be helpful in understanding the examples, the course is designed to be accessible and suitable for beginners, as everything will be explained clearly and in detail.

Mastering Git and GitHub opens up a world of opportunities for programmers.

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With these tools in their arsenal, students will be able to improve the quality of their code, increase productivity by reducing errors and conflicts, and participate in open-source projects to foster teamwork.

Don’t waste any more time and register now for the course using this link.

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