Discover how to master Git and GitHub with these free courses


Git and GitHub are fundamental tools in collaborative software development.

For those interested in learning these vital skills, there are free online courses that provide a solid and practical introduction to Git and GitHub.

In this article, we will explore two standout courses that can help beginners acquire knowledge and experience in using these tools.

Complete Git and GitHub Course for Beginners

This course, created by FapCod YT, is an excellent choice for those who have no prior knowledge of Git and GitHub.

The instructor has designed the course with beginners in mind and focuses on providing a strong foundation for understanding and using these tools.

The course is available in Spanish and covers the basics of Git and GitHub. The requirements for taking this course are having a computer with internet access and, most importantly, a willingness to learn.

During the course, students will learn how to use one of the best repositories, acquire an essential skill for programmers, and understand everything necessary to work in a group with Git.

You can access the course using this link.

Git & GitHub Crash Course: Create a Repository from Scratch

This course, created by Kalob Taulien, is ideal for those who prefer a shorter but effective course.


It focuses on teaching web developers how to use Git and GitHub quickly and efficiently. Although the course is in English, it is still accessible to Spanish speakers who want to learn.

The course can be completed in less than 30 minutes and covers the essential basics. Students will learn how to create a repository, clone it to their computer, add files, and push changes to GitHub.

This course will provide a solid introduction to Git and GitHub and lay the groundwork for deeper learning in the future.

Access now using this link.

Both the Complete Git and GitHub Course for Beginners and the Git & GitHub Crash Course provide a practical and accessible introduction to these essential tools.

Regardless of whether you have prior experience or not, these courses will enable students to understand and use Git and GitHub effectively.

Feel free to access these courses and take the first steps into the exciting world of collaborative software development.

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