Elon Musk announces the massive elimination of accounts on Twitter


The owner of the platform, Elon Musk, has announced that they are purging inactive accounts that have had no activity for several years.

This action could free up many coveted usernames that were previously unavailable.

Although Twitter has had an inactive account policy for a long time, it has not made any large-scale efforts to put more usernames in rotation.

However, Musk has confirmed that Twitter is being more conservative in its purge of inactive accounts than its policy indicates.

The entrepreneur has also warned that this action may cause a decrease in followers for accounts that have a large number of followers and have been inactive for a long time.

In a subsequent tweet, Musk also confirmed that there will be a large number of usernames available after the purge of inactive accounts. Nevertheless, he did not specify how users will be able to obtain these usernames.

In recent months, Twitter has considered auctioning desired usernames online to generate additional revenue. It is unclear if this plan is still in play or how it will work.


In December 2022, Musk had tweeted that Twitter would soon begin to free up the namespace of 1.5 billion accounts and that inactive accounts would be deleted as part of that process.

With this new action, Musk could attract former users to return to Twitter and benefit the platform’s ability to generate revenue.

However, users have asked about how Twitter will handle accounts of deceased individuals and there has been no response.

It’s time to seize the opportunity to get the username you’ve always wanted on Twitter!

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