WhatsApp introduces its new feature: Channels


WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, continues to innovate and expand its functionalities.

In its latest update, it has introduced a revolutionary feature called “Channels”.

These Channels allow users to broadcast messages to many recipients, providing a unique form of communication on the platform.

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WhatsApp Channels represent a new form of communication within the chat application, specifically designed to disseminate relevant information to a wider audience.

Unlike individual conversations, Channels resemble a Twitter feed, but without metrics or user responses.

This feature arises in response to the demand from governments, transportation agencies, brands, and other users who are seeking an alternative to Twitter to share their most important updates.

In addition to being a tool for disseminating information, Channels also provide content creators with the opportunity to interact with their audience in a more direct manner.

With this new feature, creators can send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls through Channels. WhatsApp even has plans to incorporate payment services and monetization in the near future.


Regarding privacy, WhatsApp has focused its efforts on ensuring a secure experience. The information of Channel administrators is not shared, and the application only stores the history of each channel for a limited period of 30 days.

Furthermore, administrators have the ability to block screenshots and forwards, thus ensuring that the content shared in the Channel remains within it.

It is worth noting that Channels do not have end-to-end encryption, although WhatsApp is exploring options to implement encryption in some Channels in the future.

It is important to highlight that while other platforms like Telegram and Instagram already have similar functions, WhatsApp has found a unique place for this feature.

Receiving updates on local topics, sports, or any other relevant information feels more natural within a messaging application like WhatsApp, rather than being mixed with everything else on Twitter.

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While Channels will initially be available in Colombia and Singapore, it is expected that they will expand to more countries in the coming months.

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