Unity launches its online course for learning how to create animations (FREE)


If you have ever dreamed of creating stunning animations for your video games or interactive projects, Unity is the perfect tool for you.

Unity is a game development engine and a platform for creating interactive 2D and 3D content that offers a complete and powerful animation system.

In this free course available on the Unity YouTube channel, expert Nathan Thomas will guide you step by step into the fascinating world of animation in Unity.

You will start from scratch, learning the fundamentals and essential techniques to create smooth movements, realistic expressions, and captivating behaviors for your characters.

Throughout the course, you will explore Unity’s animation system, its timeline, and the Cinemachine tool, which will allow you to create sequences of animated events and dialogues in response to player actions.

Additionally, you will also discover how to use Unity Recorder to capture and record your animations.

By the end of this course, you will be ready to unlock your creativity and create your own unlock chest animations, or any other type of animation you desire!


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn for free and dive into the exciting world of animation in Unity.

Access the course right now on the Unity YouTube channel by following this link and start your journey towards creating incredible animations in Unity!

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Remember, animation in Unity offers endless possibilities to bring your characters, objects, and environments to life.

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