UNAM offers free Excel Certification Course


The use of Microsoft Excel has become essential in most jobs today. This tool enables efficient data work, calculations, analysis, charts, and much more.

Its integration with other Microsoft applications facilitates collaboration and communication in the workplace.

Did you know that obtaining a certification in Excel can make a difference in the job market?

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has launched a free virtual Excel course that offers the possibility of obtaining an official certification.

This valuable resource has been developed by the Coordination of Open University and Distance Education (CUAED) and is named “Basic Tools of Microsoft Office Excel“.

This course is hosted on the Aprendo+ platform and offers an exceptional opportunity to enhance your Excel skills and increase your competitiveness in the job market.


The course content is divided into seven units, each designed to strengthen your Excel skills and knowledge:

  1. Getting Started with Excel: In this section, students become familiar with the platform and its basic functions.
  2. Workspace and Basic Concepts: It delves into the Excel environment, including aspects such as the title bar, the ribbon, the scroll bar, and the formula bar.
  3. Managing Workbooks, Sheets, and Cells: This unit focuses on the efficient management of workbooks, spreadsheets, and cells.
  4. Autofill: Learn to make the most of Excel’s autofill functions.
  5. Basic Formulas and Functions: This module focuses on essential formulas and functions, including the SUM, AVERAGE, and MODE functions.
  6. Charts: Discover how to create effective and visually appealing charts in Excel.
  7. Printing: Learn techniques for printing and presenting data professionally.

How can you access this course?

To enroll in the course, you must first register on the Aprendo+ platform. Once registered, you can search for the course using the keyword “Excel.”

This training, comprising 30 hours of content, will provide you with solid Excel skills and an official certification that can open doors and enhance your career prospects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire valuable skills for free and obtain official recognition from one of the most respected educational institutions in Latin America.

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