UNAM Offers free course to make Your Money Go Further: Learn Personal Finance


Making our money go further is a concern shared by many people in Mexico and around the world.

Properly managing our personal finances has become an essential goal to achieve our financial aspirations and ensure a more prosperous future.

That’s why the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has developed a course that promises to be of great assistance to those who want to enhance their financial skills and take control of their financial situation.

Free Course: Money doesn’t stretch far enough

This course, titled “Money Doesn’t Stretch Far Enough,” is available on the online learning platform Aprendo+ and is designed to be accessible to anyone interested in strengthening their financial well-being.

The estimated duration of the course is approximately 13 hours, providing the necessary flexibility to accommodate participants’ schedules, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

It is led by Dr. Luis Guillermo Alvarado Vázquez, an expert in personal finance with extensive experience in the field.

In the course, you will delve into four fundamental modules covering a variety of key aspects related to financial management:


Basics of Personal Finance

In this first module, participants gain a solid understanding of essential concepts in personal finance, enabling them to make more informed decisions in their daily lives.

Where Do You Spend Your Money?

The second module addresses the identification and categorization of different types of daily expenses. You will learn to maintain an organized record of your expenses, a fundamental step in improving your personal finances.

Save or Invest? That’s the Question

This module emphasizes the importance of saving and investing, as well as the various alternatives available based on each student’s financial situation. The goal is to empower you to make more informed and future-oriented financial decisions.

Family Budget, My Cash Register

In the final module, you will learn to create an appropriate family budget, an essential tool for efficiently managing finances.

The course not only relies on theoretical concepts but also includes practical examples to help you apply this knowledge in your daily life.

Enrollment is open to all those who wish to improve their financial situation and take the first steps toward a more stable and successful financial life. Access it through this link.

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