UNAM launches Free course to learn how to write well: Details and how to enroll


Knowing how to write correctly is an invaluable skill in today’s society. Precise and clear written communication is not only essential in the professional sphere but also influences our daily lives.

Effective communication becomes a powerful tool that transcends all areas of life. Furthermore, writing correctly demonstrates respect for oneself and others.

It reflects an individual’s education, culture, personality, and values. Writing also fosters critical thinking, learning, and creativity while developing various cognitive skills.

If you’re interested in improving in this aspect, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers an accessible and valuable solution.

UNAM Spelling Course: FREE

If spelling poses a challenge in your life, UNAM offers a comprehensive solution. In the digital age, spell-check tools can breed complacency, but possessing strong spelling skills is essential.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has developed the online course “Spelling for Beginners,” led by Professor Alma Rosa and Dr. Verónica Quijada.

This course is endorsed by the Faculty of Higher Studies in Acatlán and is divided into four units that address various aspects of Spanish language spelling.

Best of all, it is free and can be taken at your own pace.

The spelling course consists of four modules, each of which covers specific topics related to more precise Spanish writing. The topics of each module are outlined below:


Module 1: Writing Letters Correctly

  • Spelling concept.
  • Use of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Abbreviations.
  • Acronyms.

Module 2: Writing Words Correctly

  • Syllable division.
  • Triphthongs.
  • Diacritical accent.

Module 3: Spelling in Sentences

  • Use of orthographic signs.
  • Classification of punctuation marks.
  • The apostrophe.

Module 4: Spelling in Social Media

How to Register for UNAM Free Spelling Course

If you’re interested in improving your Spanish language skills through writing, here are the steps to enroll in this course:

  1. Visit the official UNAM website using this link.
  2. Register on the platform by providing information such as your name, password, and email.
  3. Once registration is complete, use the search function to find the spelling course.
  4. In a red box, you will find the option to enroll.

This free UNAM course provides an opportunity to enhance your writing and spelling skills, which will benefit both everyday communication and the professional realm.

Acquiring these competencies is essential in the digital age and today’s society, where written communication plays a crucial role. Enroll in the course and take a step toward more effective and precise communication.

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