UNAM Announces Completely Free and Online English Courses

The British Council and the Faculty of Superior Studies (FES) Acatlán have joined UNAM in a collaborative effort to provide online English courses through the Virtual Language Environment (AVI) platform.

The highlight of this initiative is that it’s available to the general public, not limited solely to university students.

Now, anyone with internet access can embark on the journey of learning English, regardless of their previous experience with the language.

UNAM course offerings are divided into two distinct modalities, each designed to address different objectives and levels of skill.

Practice and Evaluate

This modality is an open invitation to everyone, regardless of their affiliation with the university.

Here, students can explore courses that span from the most basic levels to advanced intermediate levels, providing a gradual learning process.


This modality adapts to students’ schedules and allows them to progress at their own pace.

Learn and Certify

Directed at UNAM students and instructors enrolled in AVI, this modality delves into the four fundamental language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

In addition to instructional materials, resources for English certification, such as the TOEFL, are also provided.

The course structure is designed to promote self-directed learning. Students have the flexibility to explore grammar content, enhance listening comprehension through audio materials, practice reading, and engage in oral and written activities.

How to Access the Courses

Those interested can access these courses through UNAM AVI platform. The registration process is very straightforward and can be completed through this link.

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