Travel to Italy Without Leaving Home: Free Online Course to Learn Italian


Italian is more than a language; it is a window to a vast legacy of art, literature, music, and science.

From the writings of great Italian artists and writers to the expressive music it conveys, Italian has left a significant mark on the cultural heritage of humanity.

For those interested in learning Italian from the comfort of their homes, Edutin Academy offers a comprehensive and free online Italian Course, with an approximate duration of 14 hours.

The course is designed to take students from level A1 to level A2, providing a solid foundation for speaking the language with confidence.

It consists of 15 modules covering essential aspects such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and more. By the end of the course, participants will have gained a significant understanding of the Italian language.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Italian.
  • Fundamentals of Italian vocabulary.
  • Expressions and basic Italian vocabulary.
  • Italian vocabulary and language.
  • Fundamentals of Italian grammar.
  • Italian verb forms and conjugations.
  • Italian verb tenses.
  • Basic articles, pronouns, and adjectives in Italian.
  • The subjunctive and conditionals.
  • Fundamental concepts of Italian grammar.
  • Grammar practice and considerations.
  • Writing and reading in Italian.
  • Listening and speaking practice in Italian.
  • Exercises to practice listening and speaking skills.
  • Italian culture.

Whether your motivation is cultural enrichment, professional improvement, or a passion for learning new languages, this Italian course provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture of Italy in an accessible and free way.

Don’t waste any more time, register at Edutin Academy, and start your journey towards mastering Italian today! Buona fortuna!

You can access the course using this link: Italian Course.

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