Tired of traditional programming? Learn to program using emojis!


The online learning platform Codecademy has launched a five-hour mini course to teach Emojicode, a unique programming language that uses only emojis.

This course was released in celebration of “World Emoji Day,” according to the language’s official website.

The idea behind Emojicode is to use the expressive power of emojis to make programming more fun and accessible.

The senior curriculum developer, Sonny Li, said the marketing team did not want to be too insensitive by releasing the course at the wrong time, so they waited until they found a better date, which turned out to be World Emoji Day.

In Emojicode, each block of code is indicated by the grape emoji at the beginning and the watermelon emoji at the end. But why grapes? According to the language’s creator, Theo Weidmann, it is mainly due to personal preference, but also because he decided to use emojis that are rarely used to express something significant.

The fun continues throughout the language, with the pig nose emoji method used to access elements of a list, and the hamster emoji used to shuffle them.


Even the list itself is created by a set of variables ranging from the popcorn emoji to the eggplant emoji.

Even error messages include emojis in Emojicode, giving programming a more fun and less intimidating touch. The up arrow emoji is even used to point to where an error has occurred.

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If you are interested in learning to program with emojis, don’t hesitate to click on this link to start the course and become an expert in Emojicode. Learning to program has never been so fun!

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