This website explains how algorithms work step by step with graphics


Algorithms, that set of sequential instructions solving specific problems, are the very essence of computer science.

Without them, digital technology would be nothing more than an endless sea of chaotic data. Their fundamental role lies in the capacity to perform complex tasks, simulate human intelligence processes, and ultimately power everything from everyday applications to artificial intelligence.

Moreover, algorithms play a crucial role in processing and analyzing vast amounts of data, translating into the capability for computers to learn from this information.

They also stand out for their ability to make predictions and decisions, from content recommendations on streaming platforms to real-time data analysis. Learn Algorithms from Scratch

Now that we’ve grasped the significance of algorithms, it’s time to acquaint yourself with

This is an interactive online platform designed to demystify the complexity of these processes, with the goal of providing students and developers with a structured and visually rich way to learn and comprehend algorithms.

This platform not only offers a visual insight into algorithms but also provides a highly practical learning approach.


With over 70 algorithms in various categories such as sorting, searching, graphs, and dynamics, allows users to observe the step-by-step execution of these processes.

It’s like an interactive laboratory where you can explore and comprehend the intricacies of programming.

On the site, you have the opportunity to write and execute code in JavaScript, Java, or C++ and witness how the algorithm’s execution is visualized. is an open-source project available on GitHub, utilizing multiple repositories for its functionality.

No account creation or login is required to use the platform.

For students and developers, this platform becomes an essential resource to explore, understand, and apply algorithms in the universe of programming and digital technology.

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