This is the free online programming course offered by UNAM

In the current world, where technology is present in almost every aspect of our lives, learning to program has become a highly valued and in-demand skill.

Programming allows us to develop innovative solutions, automate processes, and enhance our creativity.

Furthermore, it helps us develop skills such as logical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and attention to detail, which are valuable in any professional and personal field.

UNAM Programming Course

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers an online programming course focused on the Java programming language, one of the most widely used worldwide.

This introductory course is designed to provide participants with the necessary basic knowledge in object-oriented programming.

During the course’s three weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, such as classes, methods, attributes, inheritance, and polymorphism.

The UNAM course is aimed at both beginners who want to delve into the world of programming and those who wish to reinforce their existing knowledge.

No matter if you have no prior programming experience, the course will provide you with the necessary foundations to embark on your journey as a competent programmer.


How to Access the Course for Free?

For those interested in accessing the course for free, Coursera, the educational platform where the course is hosted, offers the option of “Course Audit.”

This means that you can enjoy all the course content, including videos, readings, exercises, and evaluations, without having to pay any additional fees.

Although you won’t receive an official certificate upon completing the course, you will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge in Java programming and explore the fascinating world of programming.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn to program with the support of a recognized institution like UNAM.

Access the course using this link.

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