This is Google’s free course to speak in public like an expert


Public speaking is a fundamental skill in both professional and personal domains. It not only allows you to convey your ideas and knowledge, but also helps you lead, persuade, and stand out from the competition.

If you want to develop this skill and overcome your fears, Google has launched a free course designed to teach you how to speak in public with confidence and clarity.

According to various sources, the advantages of mastering the art of public speaking are numerous. It enables you to grow professionally by showcasing your communication skills, sets you apart from others, and pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to connect with your audience and effectively capture their attention.

Google’s “Public Speaking” course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. It consists of one module and lasts for one hour.

Although it is ideal for beginners, anyone interested in refining their public speaking skills can benefit from this course.

Since it is free, you won’t have to invest money to gain valuable knowledge. Furthermore, it is designed in a video tutorial format, which facilitates learning through visual explanations. The tips provided are easy to apply, allowing you to put what you’ve learned into practice immediately.


The course is structured into five lessons, with a total duration of 27 minutes.

These lessons cover key aspects of public speaking, such as discovering the speaker within you, defining the objective of your speech, controlling body language, avoiding verbal tics, and delivering a professional presentation.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn public speaking with Google’s free course.

Register for the course by following this link and discover your potential as a speaker.

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