This free course from UNAM will teach you how to combat depression


Depression is a mental disorder that deeply affects those who experience it.

It involves a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest in activities, and changes in appetite, sleep, and energy.

It is important to learn how to cope with this disorder as it can have a significant impact on personal well-being, physical health, interpersonal relationships, and academic or occupational performance.

Without Sadness… How to Overcome Depression?

For those seeking practical tools and solid knowledge to face depression, the online course “Without Sadness… How to Overcome Depression?” is presented.

This course, developed by mental health experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and combating depression.

The course consists of four modules, each addressing fundamental aspects of depression.

This approximately 20-hour course offers a combination of audiovisual resources, images, and surveys to enrich the learning experience.

It is aimed at anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of depression and acquiring practical skills to overcome it.


Both those who have personally experienced depression and those who wish to support their loved ones can greatly benefit from this course.

How to access the course?

Accessing this course is very easy. First, you need to go to the UNAM’s aprendomas platform using this link.

Within the platform, you should search for the course with the name “Without Sadness… How to Overcome Depression?”.

Finally, you just need to log in or create an account to start learning.

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Learning to combat depression is essential for improving personal well-being, maintaining good physical health, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and enhancing academic or occupational performance.

Don’t let depression limit your life. Enroll in this course and start your journey towards better mental health and a more fulfilling life!

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