This 14-hour course teaches you how to program in Rust for FREE from scratch


Rust is a systems programming language that has become increasingly popular due to its unique features and focus on safety and performance.

Designed by Mozilla and released in 2010, Rust offers a type system and borrowing ownership that ensures memory safety and prevents common programming errors.

This makes it an attractive choice for developers and large companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Complete Rust Programming Course

freeCodeCamp has developed a complete Rust programming course designed for beginners who want to learn this language from scratch.

The course, created by expert Arfan Zubi, provides a balanced combination of theory and practical exercises to ensure solid learning.

The course is structured in a friendly and progressive manner. It starts with a detailed introduction and a list of recommended learning resources.

As you progress through the course, fundamental concepts such as variables, numbers, and the binary system are addressed, and more complex topics such as lifetimes and ownership are explored.

The course covers a wide range of essential topics in Rust, including functions, string handling, data structures such as vectors and HashMaps, and the use of traits and generics.


Additionally, unique features of Rust, such as closures and iterators, are explored.

How to access the course?

Accessing this course is very simple, as it does not require any registration on any platform.

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To access the course, you just need to go to the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel and search for the “Complete Rust Course.”

You can also directly access it using this link.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Rust and improve your programming skills.

Start your journey in Rust today!

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