They are offering a Free Cybersecurity Course: Content and How to Access


Cybersecurity is a fundamental component in data protection, acting as a crucial shield for organizations and individuals against threats from the external digital world.

The need to implement effective measures becomes evident as cybercrime grows in complexity and volume.

Cybersecurity training is not limited to IT personnel but extends to any individual using technology, as everyone is a potential target for cybercriminals.

Interested in learning about cybersecurity? This will pique your interest

For those interested in cybersecurity training, there is great news.

Cybersecurity Defender” is a free course that covers various aspects of cybersecurity, from fundamental definitions to advanced defense strategies.

This course is offered by the online cybersecurity website and consists of 28 lessons, totaling approximately 6 hours of video content.

Cybersecurity Course

Unit 1 of the course focuses on essential concepts such as cyber warfare, access control, and risk management. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the cost of insecurity and highlights cybersecurity as a continuous process.


Unit 2 delves into access control and authentication factors, providing practical knowledge through interactive labs on Active Directory. Identity management and the application of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are explored in detail, equipping participants with practical skills to protect critical systems against potential cyber threats.

The unit also analyzes cyberattacks and adversaries, providing a complete view of the types of attacks and the Mitre ATT&CK framework.

Unit 3 explores web locations and malware, using real cases and the Dark web as illustrative examples.

Malware detection, dynamic analysis with sandboxing, and a special focus on ransomware complete the training, providing the necessary tools to face the most current challenges in cybersecurity.

Investing in cybersecurity training is a proactive measure to mitigate risks, reduce workplace stress, and protect both organizations and individuals in an increasingly threatening digital environment.

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