These are two free courses to get certified in web development


Nowadays, every company or business that wants to expand or have a greater reach must have a website.

Websites allow access to information in an organized and interactive manner from anywhere in the world. Taking this into account, web development, which enables the creation of websites or applications on the internet, should be highlighted.

Web development is a fundamental skill in the current digital era, and the University of Alicante offers an exceptional opportunity to acquire professional knowledge in this field.

Through two free certified courses, participants will be able to learn the fundamentals of web development and obtain accreditation backed by a prestigious academic institution.

Below, we list the free web development courses with certification:

Introduction to Web Development

In the first course, students will delve into the fundamentals of web development, understanding the evolution of the Internet and the Web up to its current state.

The course consists of five modules and offers a total of 40 hours of content. Its accessible and engaging approach allows even beginners to immerse themselves in the world of web development.

Participants can access the material at any time and progress at their own pace thanks to video tutorials that complement the written materials.

Upon completion of the course, they will receive a certification issued by the University of Alicante, which will strengthen their professional profile and provide job opportunities.

You can access the course using this link.

Introduction to Web Development (Part 2)

The second course complements the training in web development, and it is recommended to have completed the first part to fully benefit from the concepts taught.


Here, participants will learn to define the presentation of a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Basic and advanced concepts will be explored to achieve attractive and functional designs.

The course consists of four modules and offers 40 hours of educational content. Participants will learn how to create web pages with elastic, liquid, and responsive designs for different devices.

Crucial topics such as web positioning (SEO), usability, and accessibility will also be addressed, which are fundamental aspects for the success of a website in the digital environment.

Access the course with this link.

And the certification?

If you successfully complete the courses, you will be eligible for a completion certificate.

Both courses are completely free, eliminating any economic barriers to accessing web development training.

Additionally, being online courses, students can participate from anywhere in the world and adjust their schedule according to their needs.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to learn web development for free and obtain a certification that will enhance your professional profile!

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