These are the free courses to start the week by learning Excel


Excel, the spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft, is a widely used tool in the business and academic world.

Its versatility and ability to efficiently organize, analyze, and manipulate data make it a highly sought-after skill in the current job market.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of online Excel courses available on the internet.

The only condition is that free courses do not include completion certificates or the ability to directly communicate with the instructor, but don’t let that stop you from enrolling.

Here are the best free online Excel courses available this week:

Course 1: Excel From Scratch – Basic and Intermediate Level

This comprehensive Microsoft Excel course is designed to help you learn how to use this powerful productivity and teamwork tool from scratch.

The course is divided into two levels: basic and intermediate.

In the basic level, you will learn fundamental concepts such as spreadsheets, rows, columns, and cells. You will also explore basic functions such as selecting, copying, pasting, and cutting. Additionally, you will discover how to create tables with borders, colors, and different fonts, insert images and shapes, perform calculations, and generate impressive charts.

In the intermediate level, you will delve into topics such as creating pivot tables, controlling changes and comments to work effectively as a team, sorting and filtering tables with large amounts of data, using conditional formatting and sparklines to create professional reports, protecting content with passwords, and data validation.

This course, created by ZENVA, an expert in e-learning and educational solutions, is aimed at anyone who needs to use Excel in their work, studies, or activities.

No prior knowledge is required, so anyone can start from scratch. You can access it immediately by following this link.

Course 2: Useful Excel for Beginners

In this course, aimed at those who have never used Excel or have basic knowledge, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel and become an effective user.

The course has been developed to be very easy to follow and works with data related to a library in practical exercises.

The course covers the necessary topics for you to become a functional user. It contains 89 videos with a total duration of 9.5 hours. Although Udemy no longer offers certificates for free courses, this should not deter you from taking advantage of this learning opportunity.


You can access the course through this link.

Course 3: Introduction to Microsoft Excel Course

If you are interested in getting started with Excel, this course is ideal for you. You will learn to handle Excel professionally at home or at work in less than a week, without the need for prior experience or knowledge.

The course starts from the basics, so even if you have never used the program, you will be able to follow the learning process without any issues. As you progress, you will acquire skills to comprehensively handle Excel.

From the interface and manual saving to working with data, auto-fill, shortcuts, and cell customization, this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to become a competent user.

Start learning by using this link.

Course 4: 30 MS Excel Tips to Upgrade Your Excel Skill to the Next Level

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world. Although many people use it, they are unaware of many of its features and shortcuts that can help them save time and increase productivity.

In this course, the instructor shares 30 tips and tricks that he himself uses in his daily work. These tips cover different aspects of Excel and will help you improve your experience and use it like a professional.

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If you are an Excel user with basic or intermediate knowledge, this course will help you enhance your skills and learn tips that will make you more productive.

Access it now by clicking this link.

Accessing these free courses will allow you to start the week by learning Excel and improving your skills in this highly valued tool in the workplace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your career and increase your chances of success. Enroll in the courses today and start mastering Excel like an expert!

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