These are all the free courses that Twitter offers you


If you’re a marketing and advertising professional looking to take your Twitter campaigns to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!

Twitter Flight School is the online learning platform created by Twitter to help you understand and make the most of this popular social network.

With a wide variety of interactive courses and learning modules, Twitter Flight School provides you with the resources and knowledge to grasp the basics of advertising on Twitter, develop effective strategies, and utilize the available tools to promote brands, products, and services.

What courses are available on the platform?

Among the courses offered, you’ll find “Fundamentals of Ad Manager,” where you can learn to use Twitter’s unique platform to activate your campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.

This course, rated 5 stars by participants, is ideal for beginners looking to enhance their ad management skills.

If your goal is to expand your brand internationally, “Getting Started with Advertising Across Borders” is the perfect course for you.

You’ll learn how to target new audiences and implement effective strategies for your cross-border advertising campaigns. With a rating of 4.2, this course is designed for intermediate users looking to broaden their global reach.

For those looking to stand out on the timeline and capture their audience’s attention, “Twitter for Creatives” offers a detailed creative guide.

From brand voice to tweet-worthy content, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to make your brand shine.


With a perfect 5-star rating, this intermediate course is a must for Twitter creatives.

If you want to dive into online audio conversations, “Twitter Spaces” will teach you how to set up your first Twitter Space and make the most of this growing platform.

This 5-star rated course will guide you through the basics so you can start participating in these live conversations.

And if you’re new to Twitter and need to master the basics, the course “Getting Started on Twitter” will welcome you to the conversation. You’ll learn about your brand’s content strategy, safety guidelines, and how to effectively use the Twitter timeline.

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Are certifications offered?

In addition to the valuable knowledge you’ll acquire, Twitter Flight School also offers certifications that validate your experience and skills in Twitter advertising. These certifications can help you stand out in your career and demonstrate your mastery of the platform.

If you’re ready to take your Twitter campaigns to the next level, don’t miss the opportunity to access the incredible free courses at Twitter Flight School. Start learning today and take your Twitter advertising skills to new heights!

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