These are 3 Free websites that will turn you into a JavaScript expert in record time!


JavaScript is a widely used programming language in the world of web development, mobile development, game development, and server-side application development.

It is a versatile language that offers a wide variety of options for creating more dynamic and engaging experiences for users.

If you’re interested in learning JavaScript but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, here are 3 free online platforms where you can learn from scratch and without effort.


CodinGame is one of the most comprehensive platforms for learning JavaScript, as well as other programming languages like Java, Python, Perl, Rust, and Ruby, among others.

This platform shows you real-time changes you make to the code, allowing you to see the result of your actions. Additionally, it offers a tutorial to make learning easier.


This platform allows you to learn JavaScript in a very simple way. Through it, you can take your first steps in JavaScript by making the robot move according to simple instructions to reach the end of each level.

Along the way, you will have to dodge obstacles and collect coins.


JSRobot has 10 levels of varying difficulty for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Code Combat

It is a platform that allows you to learn the basics of JavaScript and Python through gameplay. The course is divided into several levels, and to access the next levels, you must complete the previous ones.

Unlike other platforms, Code Combat is fully translated into Spanish, making it easier to use for those who do not have a strong command of English.

These 3 free online platforms are excellent options for learning JavaScript from scratch and without much effort.

With them, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the programming language, practice, and experiment with real-time code, which will allow you to create programs and applications in JavaScript in no time.

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