The United States provides the opportunity to learn English at no cost


The United States offers a free English course for all those who wish to learn a new language.

This opportunity, provided by the US government, is available online and accessible to the general public.

The courses focus on strengthening reading, listening, writing, and pronunciation skills in English. Participants are free to choose the schedule and level with which they want to start their learning.

Currently, having English knowledge is a determining factor in finding employment or for those planning to travel to English-speaking countries. Mastering this language allows for fluent communication and avoids setbacks.

Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can learn or improve your English skills, this course can be of great help.

Participants will find a total of 20 units in each level. Audiovisual materials such as videos, photos, sounds, graphics, and texts allow students to learn English vocabulary, grammar, and spelling while practicing and perfecting the language.


The following courses are available:

  • The 1st English Course: This course is designed for beginners and consists of 20 units. Through audiovisual material, students will learn vocabulary, grammar, and spelling, allowing them to practice and improve their English.
  • The 2nd English Course: This course is ideal for those who already have basic knowledge of English. Knowledge in vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, listening comprehension, and overall skills will be reinforced and expanded. It also consists of 20 units.
  • The Practice English and Reading: This course focuses on improving oral comprehension, vocabulary, and reading in English. It contains readings on a variety of topics based on news reports. Additionally, recordings of native speakers are included to reinforce the language.

To register for any of the courses, simply access the link provided at the end of this post and fill out the required fields in the form.

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Once this process is completed, you can log in and start the lessons that interest you the most.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn English for free and at your own pace! Access the platform using this link.

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  1. Hello , My name is Moustafa from Egypt, my English Levels is (Intermediate).
    And I want to improve my English skills !
    Thank you in advance

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