“The Chinese version of Midjourney” disappeared immediately after its launch


The generative art artificial intelligence platform, Midjourney, has sparked a global obsession with this type of art and now it seems that a “Chinese” variant has emerged that disappeared as quickly as it was launched.

In an article published on the Tencent-owned social platform WeChat on Monday night, a corporate account called “Midjourney China” announced that it was starting to accept user requests for beta testing.

Many fake applications or platforms do not go through such processes, usually asking users to access their payment services. However, if we rely on the information from the original post, there was a waiting list registration process.

However, the account quickly deleted its only article on Tuesday.

It is very strange that the related information was deleted, even after receiving a great reception and support from the community in that country.

The original article mentioned that requests would only be open for a few hours on Mondays and Fridays, and users quickly filled the initial quota on the day of launch.

According to information gathered by the techcrunch site, the owner of the WeChat account is a Nanjing-based company called Pengyuhui, founded in October with very little public information available.


Official media have not been able to verify the identity or legality of the company.

Launching an internet application in China is not an easy task due to the country’s strict regulatory environment. Therefore, there may be two options: the first is that it was a “pirated” application that was quickly detected and eliminated without a trace.

The second option is that it was actually a functional platform but somehow received more attention than necessary, causing developers to temporarily pause the project to scale or make improvements.

We can only wait for the next few days to see if any new developments emerge.

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