Technology company launches free programming course for beginners


Learning how to program has become a fundamental skill in the digital world.

Not only does it offer multiple job opportunities, but it also stimulates creativity, develops logical thinking and analytical skills, and fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to enter the field of technology and start a career in programming, there is an excellent option for you.

The free Introduction to Python course

Henry, one of the most recognized programming academies in Latin America, has developed an asynchronous online introductory program for those interested in the programming field to take their first steps in learning Python, one of the most widely used programming languages in the industry.

This free course is designed for curious individuals who wish to start a career in technology, even if they have no previous programming experience.

It provides a solid foundation of knowledge covering essential topics such as variables and data types, operations, conditionals, loops and statements, functions, and other fundamental concepts to start writing code in Python.

One of the advantages of this course is that it is offered asynchronously, which means that students can progress at their own pace, without fixed schedules. This allows for greater flexibility for those who have other responsibilities or commitments.

Henry has been known for its practical approach to teaching, and this course is no exception.


How can I access the course?

You just need to access the Soy Henry website using this link. There, you should look for the registration button:

You must enter your name and email address. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with the steps to follow in order to start the course.

The free Introduction to Python course offered by Henry is the ideal gateway for those who wish to start their career in programming.

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Access the course through Henry’s official website, complete the form, and begin acquiring the essential knowledge to bring your ideas and projects to life through Python code development.

Don’t miss this opportunity and delve into the exciting world of programming!

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