Speak english with confidence! Discover the free UNAM Course


The UNAM, in collaboration with the Acatlán Faculty of Higher Studies (FES), offers a comprehensive English course at no cost.

This program is aimed at both the general public and the UNAM student and faculty community.

The versatility of this course is a notable feature, as it covers from level A, ideal for those starting from scratch, to level B+, intended for those looking to achieve a more advanced level of proficiency in the language.

To ensure effective learning, UNAM provides the Virtual Language Environment (AVI) platform. This platform offers 194 Learning Support Units designed to develop listening, reading, writing, and pronunciation skills in English.

Furthermore, the course gives you the opportunity to practice, assess yourself, and learn at your own pace, allowing you to adapt it to your schedule and daily responsibilities.


How to access the course:

To begin your journey towards fluency in English, simply visit the official course website at https://avi.cuaieed.unam.mx/idioma-ingles.html.

Here, you will find detailed information about the program, the levels, available resources, and the registration process.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your employment, educational, and cultural prospects by learning one of the most important languages in the modern world.

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