Speak English in just 4 weeks with this Free Course from the University of Rosario


English has become a fundamental global language today.

Mastering basic English opens doors to communicate with people from different cultures and gain new academic and job opportunities.

Considering this, the prestigious University of Rosario has designed a comprehensive basic English course that provides the necessary tools to start learning this language.

The University of Rosario’s basic English course covers grammatical structures, vocabulary, and essential communicative functions to navigate everyday situations.

With a duration of 4 weeks, the course is taught by expert professors Cristian Camilo Cárdenas Herrera and Diana Rocío Umaña Buitrago, who will guide you on this exciting learning journey.

Who is the course for?


This course is aimed at all individuals interested in starting their study of the English language. Whether you wish to study in English-speaking countries, work abroad, or simply improve your language skills to expand your job opportunities, this program caters to your needs.

Throughout the 4 weeks, the topics covered are:

  • Exploration stage: Your current knowledge of the English language will be assessed, and the foundations for learning will be established.
  • Meeting Paola: You will learn to introduce yourself and express basic personal information, such as the alphabet and numbers.
  • Talking with Pablo: You will interpret short conversations, express nationality, and become familiar with basic questions and greetings.
  • Looking at Paz: You will identify vocabulary related to invitations, feelings, and body language.
  • Living with my friends: You will describe places and your immediate surroundings.

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The University of Rosario offers you the opportunity to learn from an institution with a strong culture of internationalization and a wide intercultural competence.

If you want to learn English, you can access the course using this link.

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