Slim Foundation offers a free Basic Computing course


Computing is a fundamental pillar in the digital era and has experienced exponential growth, becoming an essential component in various aspects of society.

This discipline, which amalgamates knowledge from engineering, electronics, mathematics, and logic, stands as the driving force behind the technological revolution.

In constant evolution, computing unfolds in various concepts, increasingly impacting our daily lives and the business environment.

In this context, and with the purpose of promoting digital literacy, the “Capacítate para el Empleo” platform presents a Basic Computing course.

This program, designed to train individuals in the effective use of information technology, addresses the growing need for computational skills in today’s workplace.

The course covers a wide range of topics, from creating documents in word processors to manipulating data in spreadsheets. Participants will also learn to create digital presentations and efficiently search the internet using search engines.


Beyond practical skills, the course delves into understanding the internal and external components of a computer, as well as identifying computer risks and the necessary preventive measures.

It is crucial to highlight that this course not only focuses on acquiring technical skills but also on the comprehensive understanding of operating systems, enhancing workplace efficiency.

The initiative aims to ensure not only competent use of technology but also the security and protection of personal and work-related information.

Accessing this educational opportunity is simple; just follow the link provided at the end of this news: Basic Computing.

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