Slim Foundation Launches 4 Free Excel Learning Courses with Certification

The importance of learning Excel cannot be underestimated. Beyond its use as a simple spreadsheet, Excel is a multifaceted tool with applications in various industries.

Mastering Excel can significantly boost employability. In the current job competition, companies value candidates who can bring tangible skills from day one.

From finance to marketing, its versatility makes it a must-have skill for professionals.

Excel Courses by Slim Foundation

The Carlos Slim Foundation has brought incredible news by launching four free Excel courses through its online educational platform, Académica.

These courses offer the opportunity to acquire and refine Excel management skills, while also providing certifications upon successful completion of each course.

The courses cover everything from fundamental concepts to advanced skills and statistical applications of Excel. Here are the available courses:

Application of Excel Spreadsheet: Simple Interest and Compound Interest

This course focuses on the practical application of Excel formulas and functions to calculate simple and compound interest values.

Participants will learn how to apply these formulas in real-world examples.

Descriptive Statistics

Designed for those interested in data analysis, this course explores key concepts of descriptive statistics. Students will learn to use Excel tools to calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion.


Advanced Excel

This course centers on the advanced tools Excel offers, such as filters, complex formulas, tables, and pivot charts.

Participants will develop practical skills for solving business problems.

Hypothesis Testing with Excel

Directed at professionals and students interested in data-driven decision-making, this course addresses hypothesis testing using Excel.

Participants will learn to evaluate statistical data and make informed decisions.

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Each course has an approximate study duration and is taught by subject matter experts. Upon successful completion of each course, participants can download their certificate of participation.

The Académica platform, backed by the Carlos Slim Foundation and with the technological support of TELMEX, is open to the general public.

To access the courses, simply click on the link found in the name of each course.

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