Slim Foundation and UVM Join Forces to Launch Free Online Courses for Everyone


In an effort to promote virtual learning and personal development in Mexico and Latin America, the Carlos Slim Foundation, in partnership with the University of Valle de México (UVM), presents a series of free online courses.

These courses cover a wide range of disciplines and offer a unique opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge backed by renowned institutions.

Hosted on the interactive platform Académica, these courses have become an invaluable educational resource for those seeking to broaden their intellectual and professional horizons.

The Carlos Slim Foundation, established by renowned entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helú, has been distinguished since its inception for its focus on the social development of Mexico and Latin America through programs in health, culture, education, environment, and economic development.

Education has been a fundamental pillar in their efforts, recognizing its power as a tool to build more equitable and prosperous societies.

In partnership with UVM, the foundation has launched a series of online courses with the aim of providing access to high-quality education to a diverse audience.

These courses, available on the interactive platform Académica, have been developed in collaboration with prestigious Higher Education Institutions and International Research Centers.


The 5 courses offered by UVM under the wing of the Carlos Slim Foundation cover diverse areas:

These courses, each with an approximate study duration of 16 to 24 hours, have become a window to continuous learning and personal enrichment.

How do I register?

To access them, interested individuals can register on the Académica platform of the Carlos Slim Foundation.

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Register HERE and join this collaborative educational initiative that is paving the way towards a future of unlimited learning and personal growth.

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