Samsung offers free courses with certification in IoT, programming, and electronics. Register now!


Samsung offers free programming courses in Spanish, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, and electronics.

This initiative, called Code IoT, is made possible through the partnership between Samsung Electronics and the Laboratory of Integrable Technological Systems (LSI-TEC) in Brazil.

With the increasing presence of IoT in our daily lives, it is increasingly important to understand its functioning and applications.

Although many companies offer programming courses, they are often in English, which makes learning difficult for those who do not speak it.

The free courses are taught by LSI-TEC specialists in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. They are aimed at education teachers, students, and anyone interested in learning about IoT, programming, basic electronics, robotics, and Android application development.

Each course lasts five weeks, and it is recommended to dedicate around two hours per week.

The initiative is part of Samsung’s corporate citizenship program, the Tech Institute, which seeks to create an environment conducive to technological development and the training of new professionals.

How do I access the courses?

To register on the platform, it is necessary to provide basic information such as email, name, and date of birth, as well as select the state of residence.

If you do not live in Brazil, you should select the option “I do not reside in Brazil.” Then, you only have to validate the message that arrives in your email and activate the account on the platform.


The courses are designed for students to learn how to create their own smart objects that solve real-world problems.

Participants will learn the main techniques and technologies, will be able to program games and animations, assemble electronic circuits, create applications for mobile devices, and develop their own smart objects.

The courses are 100% online and open to anyone who wants to enroll. These are the available courses:

  • IOT101: Introduction to the Internet of Things.
  • IOT102: Learning to program.
  • IOT103: Electronics: concepts and basic components.
  • IOT104: Physical programming with Arduino.
  • IOT105: Applications for mobile devices.
  • IOT106: Connected smart objects.

To receive the certificate for each course, it is necessary to achieve 60% of the final score, which is composed of 50% of the average of the scored exercises and 50% of the final project.

With the offer of these free courses in Spanish, Samsung seeks to promote technology training for young people in Latin America and the rest of the world.

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It is a great opportunity to acquire skills in key areas of the current job market and to boost professional growth.

You can access the courses by following this link.

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