Red Hat Launches Free Cloud Computing Training

OpenStack is an open-source software suite that provides the capability to efficiently and securely create and manage cloud platforms.

Its flexible and vendor-agnostic architecture enables easy integration and interoperability, allowing for the deployment of public, private, or hybrid clouds with ease.

Red Hat offers the course “Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview” (CL010), an educational proposal that immerses participants in the exciting universe of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Through a series of available online videos, this course provides a detailed insight into the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, focusing on the power and functionality of Red Hat OpenStack.

The course begins by establishing a solid theoretical foundation, defining the cloud and providing a technical description of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

This helps participants understand the importance and crucial role of this platform in the world of cloud computing.

As participants progress through the content, they will have the opportunity to explore the key components of Red Hat OpenStack.


Course Outline:

  • Technical description of Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Definition of the cloud (with demonstration)
  • Definition of Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Use case: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and a private cloud
  • Computing in Red Hat OpenStack Platform (with demonstration)
  • Storage in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Use case: Object storage with video streaming
  • Networking in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Use case: Network connectivity for a telecommunications company

It’s worth mentioning that the course does not require any prerequisites, making it an accessible option for a broad audience interested in gaining technical knowledge about Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

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Although the course does not include practical activities or offer formal recognition upon completion, the wealth of acquired knowledge is a reward in itself.

To enroll in the course and embark on this enriching experience, visit the official Red Hat website using this link and secure your spot on this fascinating journey toward technological innovation.

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