Raspberry Pi Foundation launches new courses to learn everything from programming to cybersecurity


If you are passionate about computer science and programming, this is your opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the fascinating world of technology.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, renowned for its commitment to promoting computer education, has partnered with edX, a leading online education platform, to bring its courses for teachers and educators to a global audience.

According to Ben Hall, Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, over a quarter of a million people have already taken advantage of the free online courses offered by the foundation.

Now, with this new partnership, the courses have expanded and are available to an even broader audience.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has made these courses available on the edX platform, which means you can access them from anywhere in the world.

You can trust the accuracy and honesty of the courses offered by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Their commitment to quality is reflected in the rigor of the content and the security they provide to participants.

Furthermore, being a collaboration with edX, a platform recognized for its integrity and reliability, you can be assured that you are accessing safe and trustworthy courses.


How to access the courses from the Raspberry Pi Foundation?

Thanks to this new partnership, all courses from the Raspberry Pi Foundation are now available on the edX platform.

All you need to do is go to the platform by following this link. Select the course of your interest, and once inside, register using the audit option.

The audit option will allow you to access the course for free.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge in computer science and programming. Enroll in the courses from the Raspberry Pi Foundation on edX and benefit from their experience, expertise, authority, and reliability in the field of computer education.

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