Program like a spy! Access the Free Python Course from the NSA


Now you can learn to program like a real secret agent thanks to the request of a curious programmer.

Chris Swenson, also known as “Cupcake” on Twitter, requested the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to release their Python training material, and he received an unexpected response!

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which allows citizens to access federal information, Swenson obtained a copy of the NSA’s official course COMP 3321.

This course, consisting of nearly 400 pages, is specially designed for beginners and mentions that “if you don’t know any language yet, Python is a good place to start.”

In the NSA material, you will find a quick introduction, words from Python’s creator Guido van Rossum, information about the potential applications of this programming language, and details about its growing popularity.

Additionally, the agency suggests that the course can be completed in a two-week block or in a more relaxed and friendly manner, adapting it to your own pace.

If you’re interested in diving into the world of programming and have basic English knowledge, you can download the PDF of the NSA course at the end of this post. Although the agency withheld some materials, Swenson plans to submit new FOIA requests to obtain more information.


This initiative demonstrates that, despite the diversity of opinions on which programming language to learn, Python remains one of the most recommended.

Now, thanks to the NSA, you have the opportunity to learn this programming language in a unique and exciting way.

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So, welcome to class with the NSA! Discover the secrets of programming and unleash your creativity with Python, the language chosen by the world’s stealthiest agents.

Download the file using this link.

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