Peru Government Launches Free Excel Courses with Certification


Excel is a gem within the set of applications in the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Its versatility lies in its capacity to format, sort, and perform calculations in spreadsheets, simplifying the understanding and analysis of data.

Excel’s capabilities range from creating charts and pivot tables to conducting mathematical and statistical calculations. Whether for simple tasks like personal expense tracking or complex business analysis, Excel is an essential tool for any professional.

The Ministry of Labor of Peru (MTPE) has recognized the importance of Excel in the current job landscape and has launched the “Capacita-T” program aimed at young people looking to enter the job market with an advantage.

This initiative includes two Excel courses, one at an intermediate level and another at a basic level, both of which are free and open to anyone interested (even if they don’t live in Peru).

This free training program not only addresses the need for Excel skills but also provides an invaluable opportunity to acquire them.

Intermediate Excel Course

Delivered online in collaboration with the Romero Foundation, this course focuses on expanding participants’ Excel skills.

It covers mathematical, statistical, text, and logical functions, allowing students to refine their analytical and technical abilities.


Basic Excel Course

Another valuable course offered through the Romero Foundation, this one concentrates on fundamental Excel skills.

From creating tables and charts to applying basic functions, this course provides a solid foundation for effective data management.

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How do I register for the course?

Accessing these courses is simple. Interested individuals can enroll online through the MTPE platform using an email address or a Facebook or Google account. Remember that registration is FREE.

Once enrolled on the platform, participants can access the Excel courses.

Seize this opportunity and acquire skills that will endure throughout your career path!

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