OpenAI proposes the creation of a global organization to regulate Artificial Intelligence!


The revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is once again in the spotlight, but this time with a groundbreaking proposal.

The leaders of OpenAI, the leading AI company, have called for the establishment of an international regulatory body to oversee and control the development of this innovation.

They are raising concerns about the potential dangers it could bring if appropriate measures are not taken for its regulation.

In a statement published on the company’s blog, OpenAI founder Sam Altman, along with company president Greg Brockman and Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever, emphasized the importance of addressing AI in a responsible manner.

They acknowledge that the pace of innovation in this field is so rapid that current authorities are unable to adequately control its advancements.

While the statement expresses some satisfaction with the achievements made, it is evident that AI technology, especially OpenAI’s famous conversational agent ChatGPT, presents both incalculable risks and benefits.

It is necessary to coordinate the main development efforts to ensure that the emergence of superintelligence takes place safely and is appropriately integrated into our society.


In this regard, the need to establish a regulatory body similar to the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is proposed, which can inspect AI systems, implement safety standards, audit compliance with regulations, and establish restrictions to ensure safe deployment.

While this body would not have the capacity to directly intervene against malicious actors, it would be an essential starting point for establishing international standards and agreements in the field of AI.


As an example, monitoring and auditing of computational and energy resources dedicated to AI research are suggested, an objective measure that would allow for more precise tracking of advancements.

Although their proposal is not yet fully defined, their leadership and endorsement as the world’s leading AI provider give weight to their ideas. The need for public oversight is imperative, although the design of such a mechanism is still unknown.

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OpenAI’s proposal marks a turning point in the AI industry and provides a crucial starting point for the establishment of a global regulatory framework.

The creation of an international body to oversee and control advancements in AI is essential to ensure a safe and beneficial future for all of humanity.

Sources: OpenAI.

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