Obtain your American citizenship with this free English course


English is a fundamental requirement to obtain American citizenship.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), applicants must demonstrate their ability to read, write, and speak basic English, as well as their knowledge of the history and government of the United States.

These skills are assessed through an oral and written test that is part of the naturalization process.

Mastery of English is not only necessary to pass these tests but also to integrate into American society and access better job, educational, and cultural opportunities. That is why learning English is a priority for those who wish to obtain US citizenship.

To assist applicants in this process, a specialized course has been developed: the English Course to Obtain American Citizenship.

This free course provides the necessary knowledge to adequately prepare and be ready for the citizenship interview, laying the foundation for becoming an American citizen.

The course is designed to teach spoken and written English, as well as other essential skills for living in the United States.

Furthermore, it is developed by the renowned platform USA Learns, supported by the Sacramento County Office of Education and Internet and Media Services.

This free platform provides a comprehensive and high-quality educational experience, allowing participants to learn English, acquire job skills, and prepare for US citizenship online.


The English Course to Obtain American Citizenship is aimed at all individuals who wish to obtain American citizenship and meet the necessary language and cultural requirements.

Regardless of age or profession, if you aspire to live in the United States and become a full-fledged citizen, this course is for you.

No prior knowledge of the topics covered in the course is required, making it accessible for both beginners and those who already have some level of English proficiency.

During the course, participants will learn the steps to becoming a US citizen, practice the N-400 interview, acquire knowledge of civic education, and practice reading and writing skills.

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If you are interested in accessing this course, simply visit the USA Learns website and register for free.

Do not miss the opportunity to adequately prepare yourself and achieve your goal of becoming an American citizen.

Access the course using this link.

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