Now it’s easier to make money: YouTube reduces its monetization requirements


YouTube has taken significant steps to facilitate the monetization of content creator channels.

The online video giant has reduced the requirements to join its Partner Program, allowing more people to earn money on the platform.

This strategic move comes at a time when Twitch, a highly popular live streaming platform, has been involved in controversies.

Previously, in order to monetize a channel on YouTube, one needed to have at least 1,000 subscribers and reach 4,000 watch hours or 10 million public views on Shorts.

However, starting from June 13, 2023, changes have been implemented in some countries, meaning the requirements have been considerably reduced.

Now, only 500 subscribers are needed, along with at least 3 videos published in the last 90 days, and reaching 3,000 watch hours or 3 million public views on Shorts.

These changes will make it much easier for content creators to start generating income on YouTube.


However, it’s important to note that with this new monetization model, money can only be earned through methods that involve audience payment, such as Channel Memberships and Super Chat.

To earn income generated by ads, the previous requirements still need to be met.

The reduction of requirements to monetize on YouTube clearly shows that the platform is taking steps to attract more content creators and compete with Twitch.

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This could lead many content creators to consider moving their community from one platform to another.

However, it’s important to note that these changes are currently only available in select territories, and it has not been announced yet when they will be implemented worldwide.

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