Not Skilled at Nailing It? Slim Foundation Offers You FREE Online Carpentry Training


Carpentry, an ancestral craft that combines technical and creative skills, has proven to be an inexhaustible source of benefits for both the young and adults.

Beyond being a mere trade, carpentry offers the opportunity to develop fine motor skills, stimulate hand-eye coordination, and enhance neural connections in the cerebellum, especially in the younger ones.

For those looking to delve into the world of carpentry or expand their expertise, the Carlos Slim Foundation offers an exceptional opportunity.

Through its educational platform, “Capac√≠tate para el empleo,” a free online carpentry course has been launched, promising to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to undertake wood projects.

This program consists of four levels and adapts to the pace of each individual. Flexibility is a fundamental aspect, allowing students to progress according to their schedules and responsibilities.


The course covers everything from the basics to the advanced, providing a comprehensive understanding of carpentry: from furniture design and dimensions to the most suitable types of wood and custom finishes.

Upon completing the program, participants will receive a certificate that validates their skills and knowledge, which can become a valuable credential in a job market that values practical experience.

Carpentry is not only a valuable artisan skill but also a source of learning, creativity, and personal development.

Want to learn more? Join the Carlos Slim Foundation’s free carpentry course now using this link.

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